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Running SRS requires lots of latinum, at least it will until they abolish money! The website alone costs £120 a year to keep premium, that's not counting all the cool prizes. Some of you have very generously donated towards the running cost of the fleet in the past, and that's great, without your help lots of the cool features wouldn't be available. Now, a new year is upon us and it would be great if you could scrape some latinum off the EPS injectors again, Trip can tell you how if you've forgotten, and donate towards your fleet. We've set a goal of £150 for the next year, any more than that raised will provide even more awesome competitions and prizes. In addition to the lottery these donations will make the fleet self sustaining and you will gain ownership of a small part of the whole. Anyone who donates will receive a "Supporter" badge on their website profile as a thank you. The Support button is on the main home page of the website.

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