Support Ship MRP Week

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

As we leave Risa behind it's time to get serious with MRP. Let's see how you do in a support role. As many of you know you will see an additional score called your X-Quotient, this is calculated by your healing and threat scores and is logged on appropriate loggable events. Here is a league that doesn't require high DPS and favours engineers in cruisers. Currently, the Support league is space only, but given enough interest, we will create a ground-based league too.

UPDATE: A new section has been added to the calculation sheet which will award a bonus based on whether the ship qualifies as a support ship. To achieve this the ship X-Quotient must exceed a set value which can be adjusted in admin mode by the CFOPS, this value is currently set at 500,000.

Starting Saturday at 18:00 BST and running for one week.

Proven Combatant MRP Console

This is the last week you will have the chance to obtain this powerful MRP boost console, check the link under the MRP menu for MRP Consoles in order to learn more and how to purchase with merits, EC or keys. A new console will be revealed towards the end of this coming week.

Holiday time for me

At the end of August, I will be taking a week away with my family and will likely not be on STO very much if at all. Matt Doody is the Senior Chief of Staff for SRS and will be overseeing everything whilst I am away, you have a problem, you bring it to him.


We could really do with some new blood joining us now. Our recruiters have vanished as have many of our recruits. If you wish to recruit just make sure you have a character in the Academy at the right level and ask for a copy of the welcome mail or get it from the website on this page: You can also point recruits to this page for more information

Don't be shy, spend a little time each week and if each of you recruits one person a week we will have hundreds a month join us, think about that. Matt J

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