State of the fleets

State of the fleets:

This is the current update to the membership. Some folks have not yet rejoined SRS Chrononauts, I estimate we are around 20 people missing.

Some of you have noticed that your contributions are not rising on the Personnel files for overall fleet contributions, this is for all fleets you are in. I thought at first I was only counting the first fleet but on checking today I noticed that I was using the correct code to count all. This is a Cryptic bug I am pleased to report and not my mistake. Here is a more detailed explanation:

The sheet uses the following simple formula:


What this does is firstly add up all occurrences of the selected name (C10) in the range (AG:AG) and adds any values it finds in the corresponding overall fleet contributions column (AI:AI).

On detailed checking with a calculator this morning it was apparent that the export of the fleet data in the CSV format which our spreadsheets use does not include all the contributions from all holdings. It appears to include the Starbase and some of the older holdings, but not the newer ones.

Sadly there is nothing I can do about this but feel free to write to Cryptic asking them to check and correct. I myself won't bother as it's probably pointless. Cryptic seems to have abandoned the fleet system unless they want to sell us a new holding we never hear from them and they never update anything. We've been waiting for Armada mail for years for example, but you go ahead if you wish. I would raise it on the forums but I am banned from that cesspool, but you may want to try tweeting Borticus (Jeremy Randall).

Hope that explains why your contributions don't seem to rise as much as you would have expected them to.

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