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Start of an Era - GP

As a few of you may know, I've been mostly offline for the last month and a bit. As SRS expands to other games and MRP ends, we thought it was important for a new system to be introduced, one that could use events from every game we play in. So, without further ado, it's my honour to introduce the official

SRS Game Points (GP) system

Every time you play an SRS event, the CFOPS running it will be able to insert the names of who participated into the new GP Discord Bot. This bot, kept online by Matt and I, has a database that will be able to keep the scores of everyone that joins GP. As such, you just need to choose an ID/name to identify you in the bot, and from there, every event you participate in will give you 10 GP. Much like MRP, GP is planned to be a year long competition, resetting at the start of each year, and all though for now it doesn't have prizes, we hope that it will have enough engagement, which may bring some surprises for the future.

So how to use the GP bot? It's simple, just open discord and go to the SRS server.

Use /player-list to obtain the leaderboard, or /check-gp + your name in the field, to obtain your total amount of GP.

This is it, this system is compatible with any game as we use universal IDs/names to idenfity players, so you'll be able to participate in SRS competitions across any game that we are in!



PS: CFOPS- the full list of commands to manage the bot and add points will be sent on discord.

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