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SRS Weely News 11/8/23

Hey guys

This week is cruisers in our MRP system. Remember your ship must have a commander Engineering Station and at least one Cruiser Command to qualify. Bonuses as follows Any Cruiser - Max Bonus Bonus to Engineering Captains Bonus to Threat x 2

The Fleet of the week is SRS Chrononauts SRS Endeavours - Complete 7 MRP events for an Endeavour Point

UPDATE on Weekly News As there are so few people reading these blogs or playing the game in general, I won't be bothering to list any Cryptic News or SRS News unless it's very important. Just check the Cryptic News page if you wish to find out what's going on, or watch Spencer's videos on his YT channel.

Saturdays are either STO events or ESO events, depending on what people want to do and how many people are logged into each game. So if I get online around 8pm and there's nobody in STO I will move over to ESO on Saturdays. Today there is a 100% XP bonus running on ESO so I will be logging in there first as I want to bang out some champion points, plus I really can't stand listening to that president every time I go to SOL, so annoying if anyone knows how to switch that off please comment below. Wish you all good health and have a terrific week Matt

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