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SRS Weekly News July 15/23


MRP is back after our two-week break. This coming week we are going to be focusing on the updated ULTIMATES so make sure you check that out including the guide here:

MRP Bonuses for the week commencing 15th July

Bonus for Any ship

Tactical Captain bonus

DPS Bonus

Threat Bonus

Fleet of the Week is SRS Command

SRS Endeavour - Take part in any Ultimate event

Don't forget to purchase your Pike Pack to start the second half of the year off. Here's a recap:

Pike Pack *NEW*

Just as Captain Pike deals with extraordinary events on a daily basis, your captain will have to deal with similar scenarios after each mission. A small story with random points is added to your score. The story is shown in SRS Armada chat. Points gained range from -200,000 to + 1,000,000 so there is a small risk. If you beat the scenario you gain points, if you fail you lose points. The pack is heavily weighted to success but things can go wrong even to the best Captain.

Get it from the merit store here:

Our 6-day-long Victory is Life event begins next Saturday 22nd. Please ensure your Jem'Hadar is ready for battle and adventure prior to the start. As usual, we have daily prizes and maybe there will be a mystery prize. If you don't have a Jem then start one, they begin at level 60 so there's no excuse not to have one ready for combat in a week's time.


Cryptic Studios penchant for bait and switch has reared its ugly head once again, this time with the drastic nerfing of the Maelstrom torpedo from the The Legendary First Strike Bundle, which just happens to be on sale for 35% off.

This special torpedo builds up charges over time and hits like a truck, however, the cool down time is very long so it has to be used tactically. Cryptic didn't like that some master builders were seeing max hits in the millions with this thing and so have halved its damage output and halved its charge-up time, the overall result is roughly the same DPS but the entire point of the torpedo has been lost. You will now see better results with the enhanced biomolecular torp on HY and the Darkmatter+kemocite on spread. So if you are one of those who spent $120 on this bundle to get that torp consider yourself scammed, I'm so glad I saw this coming and didn't spend a penny.


We see this so often with Cryptic, there is no trust left, and you never know when it's coming. The neutronic eddies was a must-have console for EPG builds, it was out for over a year before they added this summer event ship to the Mudds store. 3 months later, or about 18 months after release they nerfed it by about 70% for no apparent reason. So if you spent time earning this ship or paid good money from Mudds, you were scammed again. The same goes for the Agony Redistributor console which was nerfed by a whopping 95% months after release even though Spencer and others pointed out to them at release the potential for insane damage. As always Cryptic don't have the wherewithal to understand the complexities of builds within their own game, so rather than carefully calculating what needs to be done they just smash it with the nerf hammer until the problem goes away.

For me, there is no trust left in this company. They are incompetent and unprofessional. I've been saying this a lot to people this morning and it's going to be my STO philosophy from now on.

I will only buy a ship if it is something I like the look of or means something to me personally and/or it has excellent seating and specialisation seating. I will not even bother to read about the trait/console/experimental weapon, those items are of no consequence because if they are exceptionally good I know they will be nerfed and if they are crap then it doesn't matter anyway. To date I don't recall them changing seating once a ship has been released so in that area I think we as consumers are safe. However, I still would not spend a penny on this game after the way they treat their customers/players. The game is graphically deteriorating, there is very little new content and they nerf anything good that comes along. There are constant disconnects and hundreds of bugs on a daily basis, this is not a company that deserves my or your cash, but that has to be your decision of course, just consider this a warning.

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