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SRS Weekly News 4/8/23

Hi Folks

This week we will be concentrating solely on Klingons. You are welcome to bring your Fed toon on TFOs but only if we can't get enough Klinks.

Fleet of the week: The House of SRS

Bonus for a Klingon Ship

Bonus for Klingon Character

Bonus to DPS X2

The special bonus is for Disruptor Weapons (Space and Ground)

SRS Endeavours - Complete 10 MRP events for an endeavour point.


Not a lot going on at the moment. Very few people playing right now but we did manage to run about 15 events last week. Note, because of the lack of interest in the game I will only be updating the personnel database about once a month from now on, it takes me two hours of my Sunday morning every week and it's not worth doing for just the odd new member and people switching fleets. I did it last week so it will be done next towards the end of this month. This means if you move your toon from one fleet to another it may be some time before this is updated on the database.

Cryptic News


Tthe Devs have listened to the feedback regarding the Maelstrom Torpedo and are putting a fix in place to bring it back more towards its original damage but not being able to one-shot the bosses straight away. We will have to see how they do this but expect to see it in the next patch.

Friendship Class DISCO Lockbox Ship There is a new lockbox ship from Discovery, the Friendship looks like a flying door lock and I think you either love it or hate it. Stats wise it's very similar to the Styx but the trait is strange and very unlikely to be used, it boosts crit chance massively to whoever you target with a heal, so I can see it being used on nanny runs to give ridiculous scores to one DPSer. If you are thinking of getting this and actually parting with $120 of your cash for one ship on one toon I would suggest you get the Styx bundle for a similar price because then you get multiple ships and they are account-wide. This really is extremely expensive and costs twice the price of a triple-A game, Cryptic has really lost the plot on their pricing.

Event Campaign

The next part of the year-long event campaign starts next week and for most of us, that will be the end of the event. It will be utilising Sompek or Kobayashi Maru and you will only have to reach rounds 6 or 7, I recommend Sompek as it can be over within about 2 minutes.

This event also rewards the Protostar ship set, I'm not seeing anything good about this set as it stands, we'll know more when we test it, but for Sci builds I doubt you'll be giving up the revolutionary set any time soon. I do recommend you get it though as it could well be quite good or be buffed in the future.


Surprise surprise there are a bunch of sales on right now including the return of the 10th-anniversary bundle, some people see this as the best value bundle in the game and you can get it now with 35% off which means it only costs the same as 3 AAA games rather than 4. The ships are all good though and there are a couple of high-end traits, if you are just starting out in STO and have a large amount of money to burn a hole in your pocket then this bundle will set you up for years.


No mention of the next episode in the new Tholian Arc, I think they've just forgotten about it. No other new Content announced.

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