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SRS Weekly News 26:08:23

Borg Week on SRS MRP

This week will will be giving bonuses to MRP for flying Borg ships or ships that have been heavily borgified using the deflector, engine and shield from the Omega Rep.

Bonus for Borgified or Borg ships

Bonus for Borg-looking characters

Bonus for DPSx2

bonus for fleet of the week SRS xBs

Special Bonus for using Plasma weapons as your main attack (space and ground)

SRS Endeavours - Take part in 10 MRP events.

We will also run mostly Borg-related events assuming there are enough people online.

SRS News

As you know we are doing a one-day on, one-day off rotation between STO and ESO. However, when I come online to play STO and after I've done my dailies if there is just one or two people online then I will usually go back over to ESO as most events in STO need a full team to work properly. The drop off in numbers online continues and it's not uncommon for me to log in and be the only person online out of 360 registered accounts.

Also almost none of the new fleet members who join us ever run in any events, I suppose they join to get access to fleet stores only as they also never chat in the game, this is a shame and it does nothing to help the current lack of replay in STO with SRS right now. So if you have just joined us and are reading this, please do try to take part in events when they happen. Check the event calendar so you can see which days are STO, these are Mon, Wed, Fri and sometimes Saturday.

STO News

Reports are coming in of three new broken missions, Sphere of Influence (colour coding puzzle broken) and Dust to Dust (electric ground plates not showing when electrified). This is probably to do with the interior assets Cryptic updated last week. I doubt they have a database showing which missions use which assets so when they change an asset they won't know which other missions it affects, just a guess but it explains a lot.

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