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Voyager Event

Last night was day one of the 25th Voyager Anniversary event. This was a great success with over 20 people on the USS Intrepid-A at one point and all evening Alpha, Beta, and Delta teams running events. Fantastic turnout folks, let's keep it going for the rest of the week.

We had some great images uploaded to the SRS Database, all those who uploaded have had their EXP updated on the leaderboard. All officers who took part received a little reward from the current Borg Lockbox, if you didn't get anything please let me know as it was pretty hectic and difficult to keep track with so many people coming and going.

HODOS Shuttle Race Times

1st Place Thorn with an astonishing 103 seconds!

2nd Thor, 127 sec

3rd Mike and Josh both with 154 sec 4th place Matt (me) with 164 sec

5th Mauler 165 sec

6th PK 222 sec

7th Persephone 225 sec

8th Mihajlo 240 sec

9th Kim 293 sec Thorn wins a surprise prize for his victory in the shuttle race, an EPIC [Console - Engineering - Conductive RCS Accelerator Mk XV [CtrlX]]. This Console boosts Control by 39.4 and Turn Rate by 52.5% as well as some other stuff.


I want to bring two officers to your attention. The first is Bear AKA @Daskuma (Michael Hall) for his awesome audio log entry for the Undine battle zone. You can hear the log by clicking this link, click on the pin and then the play audio log button, it's well worth it and Bear gets the full 500K MRP for this effort, which, was doubled for the exploration event area this week being the Solonae Dyson sphere, along with the pictures submitted nets Bear a whopping 1.2 million MRP/EXP. Great Job Bear.

The second officer I want to mention is Thor AKA @Bjartmar (Thorvald Sivertsen) for his amazing log writing in the following systems, Khaiell System, T'ldkol System and Muso Prime systems. You can find them in Beta Quadrant Section 2 here and they are well worth a read. For their efforts both Bear and Thor may choose a T5 ship of their choice from this list: [Special Requisition Pack - Ferengi D'Kora Ship]

[Special Requisition Pack - Undine Nicor Bio-Warship]

[Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Star Cruiser]

[Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Deep Space Science Vessel]

[Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser]

[Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Advanced Escort]

[Special Requisition Pack - Lukari N'kaam Scout Ship]

[Special Requisition Pack - Kazon Heavy Raider]

[Special Requisition Pack - Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort]

[Special Requisition Pack - APU Cruiser]

[Special Requisition Pack - Sphere Builder Arehbes Destroyer] [Special Requisition Pack - Tholian Meshweaver]

[Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Reconnaissance Science Vessel]

[Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Escort Retrofit]

[Special Requisition Pack - Undine Nicor Bio-Warship]


This week is a 3 week rollover and the prize looks to be quite big. If you want to have a go make sure you buy your lottery tickets before 8pm UTC today. If you don't know how the lottery works then please check out our lottery page. Note, we are only accepting EC and Keys to the SRS Command Bank at this time.


We have received a lot of new members recently, welcome to you all. To help with recruitment you can add your comment on how awesome you think SRS is on the official forum page for our fleet. Your comment helps to validate the posts I have made there and is more important than you may realise. It takes a few seconds to help out, so please make the effort and post something nice about your fave fleet now. Here is the link to the official forum Post:

If you would like to become a full or part time recruiter, please see the vacancy page.

End of news Report

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