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SRS Updates for 2023

A massive Happy New Year to all SRS members!

For the first time I will be going through the changes to SRS in a live stream which has been recorded here if you would like to watch it again or missed it when it was live.

Here are the changes for SRS in the coming year.

New more inclusive way of issuing MRP Prizes.

Go to the MRP 2023 Prize page to learn more:

Changes to MRP Bonuses

The changes below will help players who don't have cutting-edge builds or are just starting off with SRS and STO to compete with the veterans, it will level the playing field somewhat: 1. Daily Bonus This has been raised from 200K to 500K, once per day, if you have the Daily Bonus Merit Pack it still doubles so you can get up to 1 million MRP per day on your first mission.

2. Ship of the week

In an effort to reward those players who try to stick with the theme of the week, the reward for flying the ship of the week, has been increased and is now a flat bonus rather than a percentage of your MRP for that event, so those who wouldn't score that highly will still see a big increase in their score if they are flying the ship of the week. This is now 500K per mission. 3. Career/Race of the week

Similar to ship of the week, this is now a flat bonus and has been increased to 200K per mission.

4. Elite Bonus Immunity Pack

The EBI worked like this in the past. Some missions have a large elite bonus if nobody in the team died, however, this bonus is lost when any team member died. The EBI would give you immunity from this death. This is great but it cost a lot of merits to buy (1000 merits) which many people don't have and don't want to pay for. In the update, the EBI will only protect you if you yourself die. Let's look at this in a table to make it simpler to understand.



You die

No bonus


Another team member dies



The price of the EBI has been reduced to 500 merits, so it's far more affordable now.

The mega merit pack prices have been adjusted to reflect this and other changes.

5. DPS Gambler Merit Pack

This new pack costs 350 merits and works in the following way. If you have the pack it will light up a button on the calc sheet. If you want to play your hand and think you will get the highest DPS in the event then you tell the CFOPS officer to activate your Gambler Pack for this mission. If you win and you are the highest DPS in the team then your MRP is DOUBLED! However, if you played a poor hand and were not the highest DPSer in the team your MRP score is halved! So you had better be sure you have the ability to beat your teammates. You must of course tell the CFOPS that you wish to play your hand BEFORE the event begins. It can only be used on Parseable events, space or ground. 6. Merit Store Ingame Item Purchases

You can now purchase ingame items using your merits if we have them in stock, go to the merit store to take a look. You can now no longer purchase MRP with merits.

Elite Fleet Register

There is now a new elite fleet register, take a look here:

Elite Fleet Banks The bonus EC you can get from the banks has changed a bit. The banks are now open daily and there is a daily allowance you may take depending on your rank. It has been lowered a little for MSO and Zhat Vash and increased a little for Section 47. This is to encourage you all to work hard on your builds and try to get into the top fleet in SRS. DPS League Rewards New for this year are rewards for reaching certain milestones, you can see these rewards on the Hall of Fame here:

Minor updates to the Build Rules found here:

Updated SRS Application Form

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