SRS Store is Launched + NEWS

Long time SRS Veterans will know that for some time we have produced clothing for members of the fleets and occasionally other items. Well now we are expanding on that considerably. With a much larger selection of clothing and SRS memorabilia as well as Star Trek Online and Star Trek general items. So far the first two sections are open for business.

This is a genuine online store producing and supplying very high quality items and many of our members already have clothing and other items over the years. This store will be expanded upon regularly so check back to see what we have on offer. All sales are handled by Timeless Moments Ltd, so you will see that company name on the checkout. TM LTD is my own company and no profits or costs are taken from sale for me or my business personally, all profits will be put back into the fleets for members.

We can offer more items now because nothing is kept in stock and everything is made to order. So whilst this will take a lot longer to get your goods to us I don't have to stock an expensive inventory at my expense that I may struggle to sell. Go take a look at the store, let me know what you think, what else you'd like to see in there, if it's possible I will supply it. NEWS Lottery Week 1:

Winner : Char II@tse57 who takes an impressive 14 master keys worth 70 million EC.

Lottery week 2 is now OPEN. Note, if sales of tickets are low we will often roll over to the next week. MRP Prize - Walker Class Starship Congratulations to Mauler on reaching 16 million MRP to win the starship. The next competition is already running and Captains are accumulating points, the prize will be announced tomorrow. Instant DPS Meter

Want to know how you stack up next to other Captains or the average of all Captains in SRS? Now you can, very easily. At the top of every page within the website you will see the link: Instant DPS Comparison. Just click on the link and you'll see the meter shown above open in a lightbox window. Simply select your character name to see how you are doing. Note: The data is taken from logs of MRP events, the events are single map parsable events like ISA, HSE and the new patrols. If you have not taken part in one of those events you will not see your name in the list. How to fix that? GET INVOLVED! Join our MRP events during the EU evenings, late USA afternoons and sometimes evenings. Here's where you can find everything:

MCP One of our long time vets, MCP, after whom the MCP Manoeuvre was named, has decided that he's going to be leaving STO now for some considerable time if not for good. Before he left MCP made a sizable donation to SRS which was very generous of him, many thanks MCP. We're sorry to see you go, hopefully you'll be warping back to us one day, your characters will be left in the fleet indefinitely. Live long and prosper Matt Johnson

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