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SRS is 10 today

On 18th June 2012 five of us, David Litchfield, Aletia Litchfield, Sam Cooper and Josh Bee (JB) and me, walked down to the fleet creation officer and began the SRS story. 10 years on we are three armadas of 14 SRS fleets with around 600 members and 1140 members in all armada fleets, running 2000 missions a year or more. We've seen people come and go, we've lost good friends, Josh Bee, Cav Mark Katanic, and we've travelled to every corner of the galaxy protecting the Federation and the Empire from Alien threats of all descriptions. Here's some facts about SRS: Members from start to today new, old and existing: >2000 MRP earned by all members since 2017: 120,518,560,988 MRP events run since 2017: Approx 17,000 No of enemies slain since 2017 ~ 300 million (we come in peace) Highest DPS achieved by a fleet member: 1,957,256 (Trouble over Terrh) YouTube Channel: 83000 views, 4500 hours watched 378 subscribers Website visits: Unknown total, but since February 2020 , 121,700 Builds published: (Currently 80 live, all-time around 400) Approximate amount of dilithium spent on all fleet starbases and holdings to date: 700,000,000 (value $14,000) Approximate number of DOFFs donated to all fleets and holdings: 2 million + lots more of everything you can think of! Here's to another 10 years of SRS, thank you all for making this possible. Don't miss our celebrations this evening on Risa See this blog for details:

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