SRS Hazard Team Let's give a big welcome to the SRS Hazard Team. This fleet replaces the 111th. I have been advertising for a while for another fleet to join us. Ideally, it would have been a T5 active fleet, but of course, all active fleets are already in an armada. So, unless we wait for months or years we may never get anyone to fill the slot. So I then asked on Reddit if anyone had a partially built fleet they were not using etc. Hooptie came back to me and offered us the use of his fleet for free and we have total control whilst he stays on as joint leader.

So here we are then, the Hazard Team, almost Tier 3 with plenty of projects to chip away at for those fleet credits. The fleet charter and details have not yet been worked out but expect a fleet page on the website soon.

The ingame Hazard Team logo

The SRS Hazard Team is run by Alexander Munro, yes that's right, the same one from the Elite Force series (a copy of Elite Force II is available on our website for you to download and play here: )

It's not been decided yet whether or not this will be an elite fleet but my feeling is no, but it could be something different, much thought needs to happen first.

Too many fleets

Some people have suggested we have too many "dead fleets". Well, if people don't play that's hardly SRS's fault, we do more than any other fleet in the game to keep people interested and I'm not going to stop building the armada just because times are lean. What I would say to those who feel we don't have enough members for all our fleets is to get out there and spend some time recruiting, it's not hard, it's very easy. You can do it by chatting with folks and dropping plugs for SRS in the Reddit forum, on the official forum, on the STO Facebook page, on the other STO Facebook page and of course directly in the game.

I can hardly remember the last time someone made any effort to recruit on any of these platforms other than me, even when asked to comment and show support the vast majority of members do nothing, because doing nothing is easy. Building armadas is not, complaining is easy, being creative is not and takes a lot of effort which I am happy to do because I love this fleet, I love you guys and I love STO despite it's idiosyncrasies.

Recruitment MRP

So my message is to Stop complaining and start recruiting. To that end, SRS is adding recruitment MRP into the mix.

If you recruit a new member to the fleet you will receive a bonus of 1 million MRP & 10 lottery tickets per person you sign up. Just send your ingame name and the person you recruited's name to

Let's fill these fleets to the brim! LLAP

Matt Johnson

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