SRS Exploration System Release Date

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The SRS Exploration System premiers on this website and on YouTube at 4pm (UTC) Thursday November 21st. Set a reminder to watch the Video tutorial at the same time. I will be there to answer any questions in the YouTube chat.

The SRS Exploration System is an attempt to introduce exploration into Star Trek Online. There are ways to explore in STO but they are not very well thought out. This system will give players a reason to carry out the somewhat mundane exploration within STO with members of SRS (Special Reconnaissance Squadron Fleet) able to earn points in the MRP system. Players can also have their name added to sector space maps when they discover a system, there will be awards for the best log entries and lots more to come as the system evolves. The link to the The SRS Exploration System will open on the website at the same time.

This system has taken some time to create and will continue to evolve over time. I hope that you find it a useful addition to SRS and STO.


Matt Johnson

C in C SRS Fleets

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