SRS Exploration a hit

Approaching Bajor - Jason Mains

I think it's safe to say that in the last few days since our exploration system has started we have seen a huge amount of exploration taking place among SRS Captains.

So far:

Over 30 star Systems investigate, many with Captain's logs

15 anomalies logged and reported

Nearly 4 million MRP earned by our explorers

Over 100 screenshots of locations around the galaxy

+ lots more

You guys have certainly kept me busy and it's great fun. If you spot any map pins that point to the wrong system please let me know, there is a lot of back end work to upload all this stuff and many links need to be made, it's easy to miss one.

Kinjun System ground - Richard Atterton

Eridon Nebual by Bear {@Daskuma)

Some of you guys are really flying up the leader board here, those who haven't looked at this yet should start getting involved, get your name on the maps, it's not only SRS members who are looking at this and I would really appreciate you guys adding a comment to the official forum thread on our exploration system. Acknowledgement from members can really help drive new players to our fleet.

Here is the link to the offical thread on the forums.

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