SRS Exploration a great success

Solonae Defensive Wall by Jason Mains

Hey folks, well you guys kept me busy today updating the exploration maps. Several star systems were discovered, the Vlugta mine, parts of the Solonae Dyson Sphere, anomalies and more. Top explorers earning hundreds of thousands of MRP were:

Bear (@daskuma)

Jason Mains

Richard Atterton

Keep up the great work. We've added the Solonae Allied map and the Solonae Contested map with a nice little flyby background which you can watch here if you're interested.

We've also updated the map keys to include areas of danger and if there is a log available to read instantly. Some logs will only be available on the database but some of the most interesting and applicable can be seen directly from the map.

We had a spot of bother with the full tutorial video yesterday, that's been updated on the website and on YouTube now but you can also watch it here:

Go to our main exploration page now and check it all out.

SRS Exploration Page

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