SRS Code Breakers - Win 100 Million EC

Code 1

We have received this image via the Midas Array of the USS Voyager undergoing maintenance on some alien world. The transmission is temporally out of synchronization with our time frame. This happens from time to time when using micro singularities to transmit over 40,000 light years. What we don't know is why Voyager sent this image to us. We have contacted Admiral Janeway for an explanation but she told us it was classified and we shouldn't have received this message, it being sent 34 years ago. Apparently, any explanation would break the temporal prime directive.

On further investigation we have noticed, that under certain circumstances, numbers can be seen within the image, we are told there could be 12 numbers which may mean something.

In addition, there are two more hidden messages within the data stream but we have yet to decode them as the signal is badly degraded.


Find the hidden code in the image above, work out what it means and store that information safely. We expect the next clue to be decoded within a few days. Once you have all three codes in order, send them to and in the subject line write SRS CODE.

The first person to send all three messages correctly decoded will win 100,000,000 EC.

Good luck

Matt Johnson

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