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Spooky Halloween & News

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

This year, we got into the Halloween mood and decided to do something special to celebrate it. But we are not only doing one event, but two of them!

Poor attempt at carving SRS into a pumpkin

---Spook 'em up---

This event is very simple, you make your best Halloween-themed or spooky costume, and post it on the "Theme builds" folder of the builds database, you can also add it to the costume channel on Discord or under this news item on Facebook. The top three will be decided by a non-SRS neutral judge, and will get:

1st place - 20M MRP. and the temporary discord title "Professional Spooker" (title can be changed to a better fitting one by request, and will have the duration of 2 weeks with a unique colour and place in the member's list)

2nd place - 15M MRP

3rd place - 10M MRP

---the Halloween Vote---

The Halloween Vote is something completely new, and may be repeated in the future if it has success. This is your chance to decide the future of MRP! There will be a vote going on the next few days with three options for the next MRP update, and everyone has the right to vote. As a bonus, your vote counts double if you comment your own ideas for that option.

You can change your vote but during this next week three blog posts will come out explaining each of the updates and how they would be so you may not want to vote already. 1 of these updates will be added, the others will be discharged.

You can vote on discord.

---Hide and Seek News---

We have some sad news for cat players in Hide and Seek, we have had many complains over the last month claiming unfairness and had to come up with a solution for it, unfortunately, we still don't have it. Don't worry though, I'm still scrapping the barrel for solution ideas. However, until then, all cat toons are baned from Hide and Seek. To those of you that enjoyed playing with them, I'm sorry, but until we have a solution this is the best option we have.

We have a busy Halloween, good luck to all participants.



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