Special Events are Back

This week sees the return of the weekly special events. Most weeks will have two options, usually focusing on a specific ship type and either a career, race or type of damage done, e.g. DPS, Damage taken, Healing out, etc. Maximising your MRP will help you gain great prizes and progress within the fleets. This week is Alien ships and Tactical Careers. The event is now live and will begin each Sunday morning as soon as it's announced.

An alien ship is any not made by the Earth based United Federation of Planets and usually built in the Mars shipyards at Utopia Planetia.

Another return this week is:

Mission Replay

A light change is we won't be running specific days for Federation, Romulan or Klingon, this will more depend on who is online at the time, if there are a lot of Klingons online then we may run a Klingon mission, same for Romulans.

Mission replay will guarantee you a large amount of MRP and makes a change from the turkey shoot of Patrols.

Some points to remember with mission replay:

  • They begin at the slightly later time 9:30 pm: UK time (what time is this for me?), they may be repeated later for US Captains if one of the CFOPs wish to run it again.

  • We don't skip dialogue or cut-scenes, this is about experiencing the story together as a team.

  • They last around 45min to an hour

  • The MRP score is taken from the longest period of combat within the mission

This week we will be running the "Age of Discovery" beginning with "The Plausibility of the Possible" at 9:30pm Monday 7th October.

We hope you will take part in our events, and of course we would love to "hear" you on Discord, don't be shy, it's a great way of adding life to the game, having fun, a lot of laughs and interesting topics are discussed, it also helps the mission progress more smoothly.

See you all out there

Matt Johnson C in C

SRS Fleets

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