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Some important Updates

Hard Modes

I think we are all thoroughly enjoying the new Hard Modes added to the game last week, hopefully, Cryptic will add more soon.

For MRP purposes the Hard Modes offer a big bonus for no deaths of 4 million MRP which is huge. However it occurred to me that because of the Elite Bonus Immunity Pack players can die many times and still get the massive bonus, this kind of goes against the grain for Hard Mode content, there is no safety net in Hard Modes either in STO or other MMOs that have them such as ESO Veteran Hardmode, they give the best rewards by far.

So the following changes have been made to the MRP system for the two HMs we have and any subsequent HM options in the future.

If you die even once, you will not receive the Elite Hard Mode Bonus of 4 million MRP (this only affects you, nobody else, so if you are the only player who dies you will be the only player to lose the bonus.

Don't think you can sit at the edge of the battle and let others carry you either (not that any of us would ever do that of course hehe) so you also have to maintain an average of 50,000 DPS to gain the bonus. EDIT: Tanks will still get the bonus provided they qualify for the Support Bonus.

So to recap

Hard Modes give a bonus of 4 million MRP but only if:

You don't die

You parse more than 50K

This is hard, even for me and other vet players, and that's how it should be, this is the toughest content in the game now.

From today, if you succeed at an HM event without dying and reaching the required DPS you will receive the Hard Mode Survivor badge on your website account.

Update your Characters or they will be removed

It is time for the yearly purge of AWOL toons. If you have any toons (characters) that are in SRS fleets and have not logged in this year they will be kicked from the fleet (you can always bring them back later if you wish).

The mass kicking will take place on Friday 19th May evening at 8pm UTC

All you have to do to keep your character in the fleet is make sure you have logged in to that character before Friday.

Streamlining the database will make everything run smoother and also help us see how many active members we actually have.

Elite Fleet EC Allowance

This has now gone. I am no longer supporting Cryptic financially until they up their game considerably, you all know what that means, far fewer bugs and far more content. The game is not in maintenance mode but it's not far off. The content release from last week was good but very short, 2 hours of playtime and it's done, then nothing except gamble box ships for the next 4 months, to me ships are not content.

I see some signs that they may be moving in the right direction but it's not enough for me to get my wallet out. As 99% of all the prizes and EC come from me via my Zen purchases that EC balance is now getting low and I need that EC for the MRP prizes at the year end as well as a few other smaller prizes throughout the year. There is also no Zen being purchased through donations to the fleet because we've only received £11 out of the £250 target for this year and last year only £5 was received, that is not enough to cover prizes or anything.

Likewise, there have been no sales of clothing on which we make a small profit. So unless all these things pickup, the fleet EC balance is low, it's now at 1.5 billion, and will not improve. Because of these reasons the EC allowance has been scrapped from the three elite fleets, it's a shame but it was inevitable.

Have a great week

Matt SRS

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