Social Media Road Map

SRS currently uses Facebook, sometimes twitter, Twitch and we have our Youtube channel as most of you know.

Since the change to Facebook now being a giant mobile phone screen on your desktop with a lot of bugs, it has become less easy to find the information you want. In addition, many people do not want to use Facebook due to privacy concerns.

So we have started our own Subreddit which you can find and join here:

In the future, all news reports will be posted here on these news pages of course and also on our Subreddit. For the time being, we will also be publishing on Facebook so everyone should have no difficulties finding information. News blogs to Facebook will end on June 1st 2021 and only appear here and on the Subreddit. We will keep our Facebook page and group for fun and games but nothing serious.

Reddit has a lot of advantages, articles such as builds can be found by clicking on the flair, so if you are interested in a CSV build, simply click a CSV flair and ALL CSV builds will appear.

You also have far more privacy on Reddit, even the admins and mods cannot see who the users are.

So wander over to our subreddit and get subscribed so you don't miss future announcements and can enjoy access to more information more easily.

Subreddit mods are

Matt Johnson

Shane Walton (Tempest)

Current CSV builds (you can't see them all in this picture)

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