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Our latest video is a 30 minute tutorial explaining how I make the infographics I use for builds. This particular build is for my Intrepid class EPG ship which is pulling around 200K on HSE, it's more or less finished with only a few tweaks here and there to do. The build itself isn't really the subject of the video rather how to actually make the infographic.

So if you can stand my droning warble for half an hour you too can see how I make them. Feel free to make your own infographics in any style you like or present the build in a different way, maybe a document file or various individual images.

At the end of the video you will see how to upload your infographic/build to our Exploration System database and how to register your submission to gain you 400,000 MRP, equivalent to two good TFO results for even the best Captains, so well worth the effort. This video will be added to the build page shortly so you can watch it again at any time. CFOPS Training

I will be holding a CFOPS training course on Thursday 9 January at 7:30pm for new and existing CFOPS. In the meantime I will put together a tutorial video on how to update the MRP and run events which I hope to have done before the training course. If you want to take part, catch up or just are curious this will be on Discord at the time given above.


The lottery was won by Margot who bagged herself a lucky 130 million EC Jackpot. Week 1 for 2020 is now running, take part, support your fleets and stand a chance of winning big every week *

* Sometimes the lottery will roll over if not enough tickets are bought.


Matt Johnson

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