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Section 47 Update & BLACK FRIDAY SALE

We start off with the news that public access has been granted to a small amount of the

-SRS- Section 47 page. This slimmed-down page contains only the declassified details of this fabled organisation and what is required to join, along with a preview of the new battlesuit (see video below).

You can access this page from the Fleets menu or from this link:

New Battlesuit Section 47 members can don their advanced technology battlesuit from today. Details of how to obtain this suit remain on the classified page. Here is our preview video detailing the battlesuit.

Black Friday Sale

From now until the end of November, all MRP Merit Packs and MRP Consoles are 50% off the marked price. We are not updating the prices on the actual pages so all you have to do is half the price you expect to pay, e.g. if a merit pack states it costs 100 merits, you will only be charged 50 merits. This is a great time to get the Elite Bonus Immunity pack and other expensive packs that can do so much to boost your MRP score. Don't forget you can buy merits from our merit store with RL money which helps to support our fleets with prizes.

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