Scoop, Section 47 uniform

We have recently been sent over a uniform scoop from one of our embedded sources within SPEC OPS. This is a low level classification document so we are not too worried, suffice it to say you didn't hear it from us.

If you see any officers walking around sporting this uniform design then you can be fairly certain they are from the secretive Section 47 -SRS- fleet. Confirmation can be assured if you see the skull and swords logo on their left shoulder. We would advise you don't approach these officers other than to utter the usual pleasantries.

Meanwhile, in real life...

The uniform that I had previously chosen was a free Kelvin Admiral's outfit, what I hadn't realised was that it was only issued for a short time and many people no longer have access to it.

This new uniform is far from free. The Jupiter outfits can be purchased for 550 Zen. The Section 31 Discovery Black com badge is about 8 million EC on the exchange, I suggest members get some soon. We have acquired a few of these com badges which we will supply to Section 47 officers for the reduced price of 4 million EC, just ask if you are invited to join this fleet.

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