SB234 Personal Challenge

By request a Starbase 234 personal challenge has been added to the MRP and website systems. This follows the identical system as the Sakari challenge but is for Starbase 234.

You can read up how to upload your logs for Sakari and SB234 here:

The website headings have been changed slightly, The Sakari and SB234 are now on the right side of the header and the events calendar has been moved to the middle of the header block. Search is now to the left of the header block. Starbase 234 has for a long time been the go to test dummy in STO. There have been some major improvements to this system added on Tribble but for some reason they have never moved it over to holodeck, we will have to wait and see if that ever happens.

If you don't want to go through uploading yourself then you can get a CFOPs officer to do it for you but you will still need to send them your log.

NOTE: All attempts at SB234 must be done on advanced difficulty.


There is now a new button on the MRP Calc sheet for logging SB234 runs, you will need to authorise that script.

We hope you find this new feature enjoyable and useful.

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