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Requesting a promotion

Ensuring you have the correct rank in the game is important as your fleet access rights depend on your rank. Your SRS Armada rank is calculated automatically depending on your MRP score and some other factors.

To check your SRS Armada rank use the Personnel Files button and compare your rank in-game with your automated rank. Most likely the rank in-game will be showing as a lower rank than your automated rank. The Actual fleet rank is your current in-game rank.

The next thing to do is to go to each of your characters and check what rank they are, any which do not match your automated rank need to be promoted.

Go back to the Personnel Files area and click on the "Request a Promotion" button. A form will open to allow you to request promotions for several characters. If you need more then just submit the form again.

It is important to ensure you correctly put your account name in the box and your character name in the other boxes, if they don't match up then we won't be able to find the character and it will not be promoted.

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