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Recently I have put together a spreadsheet that identifies how many people are actually in the fleets. Although in SRS we have over 1000 characters, the actual number of active accounts was 327, due to multiple characters per account. With 9 fed fleets and 1 KDF fleet our capacity is 5000 characters, so you can see, we have a long way to go before we are close to full. If we remove the elite fleets and include only fed fleets then it's still 3000 character slots available, less the current membership.

So recruitment is the way to go. In the last day I have recruited 12 new members but could do with help. I would like someone to recruit at DS9 and someone to recruit in general sector space and other starbases like K-7. If you would like to become a recruiter just make sure you have a character in the Academy and let me know so I can give you invite privileges. In order to maximise my chances of recruiting I made a new account with the character name Recruitment-Officer@srsfleet, you can see her waving in the picture. This was a pain to do as I had to suffer the tutorial again and buy zen just to be able to chat in zone, but it seems to be paying off. We are still recruiting to the Academy, but if people take part in events and especially if they come on Discord, we can be sure they are level headed good folks and we have no risk putting them in the main fleets, so they can move before the 2 weeks probation is up.

If you want to recruit note it can take hours to get one new member then threee will come along at once. Sometimes they won't contact you directly but apply online via the website.

This is the phrase I put into chat:

SRS is recruiting. International, many daily activities, exploration system, earn big prizes. 10 themed fleets. Discord, social media, website, competitions, very active. PM or visit

It seems to work.

Give it a go, it's nice to meet new people and to give them a helping hand in the game, especially if they are new to STO.

You can let me know directly if you want to try recruiting or apply from this page


Matt Johnson


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