Picard Week on MRP

To celebrate the release of Star Trek Picard later this week (Friday 23-24th Jan depending on timezone), we are giving out bonuses based on the three main ships that the great man himself was in command of.

The USS Stargazer

The USS Stargazer was Picard's first command and exists in STO as a T3 ship. Obviously this ship will have a significant handicap over the other ships available for this event. Therefore CFOPS officers will soon see another button (Tier Boost) next to each player that will allow an increase in MRP of 50% should they be flying the Constellation class.

The USS Enterprise D

The Galaxy class, USS Enterprise D, was of course, the most famous ship we saw Picard captain. There are many variants of this ship in the game, all are welcome to take part, but the classic look is encouraged.

The Galaxy-X was an alternate future variant of the USS Enterprise D which was never actually under command of Picard, being Admiral Riker's ship, however apart from some modifications it was the same ship, so this too is allowed.

The USS Enterprise E

The USS Enterprise E, Sovereign Class, was seen in several movies, its first appearance being First Contact. The Enterprise was a new class of ship designed to fight the Borg. Again we encourage the classic look to be maintained.

Career Bonus

Picard's profession was Ambassador, however he showed great ingenuity as a Tactical officer with a manoeuvre named after him. He was also an accomplished archaeologist and knew a great deal about engineering. Therefore any career chosen this week will gain a boost.

+Threat Bonus

Picard was always putting his ship in the firing line trying to draw away danger from innocents or less durable ships. For this reason we have selected the +Threat bonus to be active this week. This means you will gain a significant boost to your MRP score if you pull high threat during events.

We hope you enjoy this exciting week on STO with SRS MRP and look forward to viewing the first episode of Star Trek Picard on Thursday/Friday next week. The show can be found on CBS All Access in the USA and on Amazon Prime around the world.

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