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The personnel files window

SRS holds much data on it's officers and for some time now you have been able to look at the data we hold in several different areas. Now I have finished something I wanted to do for some time. Using data from our own sheets and from the exported fleets roster I have put together Personnel Files for every member of SRS in every fleet.

To access the Personnel Files window just click the button at the top of every page shown here:

You can then select the officer you are interested in and review their stats held on file.

The buttons for "My Packs", "My SRS Rank" and "My EXP" which gives more individual detail can be found in the members lounge page here:

The information should be correct but will not include every detail for everyone as to update all of it I have to perform a Fleet Roster Export and then import that data into a special sheet. I am not doing this every day but will more likely do it once a fortnight. Data on the MRP live however as is most of the other data shown.

It's fascinating to see how many different officers you have and one faction and career they are, I was surprised at my own results.

If you are not showing up in any of the data except that of being in the fleet, this is because you must run at least one event before you can be logged.

In the future I would like to add the Website badges to this but at the moment Wix don't make it easy to export the data I need, however I am in touch with them and they already made some changes yesterday.

I hope you find the new Personnel Files useful. You can't break it, so go ahead and give it a try. If you find any erroneous data please let me know and I will investigate.

Commander in Chief SRS Fleets

Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson

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