Patch Notes v3.68

Cooldown System:

As per a majority vote carried out on Facebook the Cooldown component has been removed from the MRP system effective as of now.

Overall Ranking System

This has been tweaked to offset the huge differences in calculations between the maximum possible DPS (around 1.5 million) and the very high healing from some support ships (around 3 million heals). The heal factor has been reduced by 50% to bring it into line with the DPS max.

In addition the logged mission constant has been increased from 100 to the maximum number of events logged by that player (around 400 is the most stored).

This has had the following effect:

Decreased the score for some and increased for others.

The gap between those who do the most logged events and the least has now increased dramatically but is based on real figures rather than an arbitrary constant of 100.

Players will be able to see their rank rise faster the more events they do.

So, for example, Gasta has now risen to the top of the ranking and Matt Johnson has dropped to second because whilst their results are both similar in all scenarios Gasta has logged 297 events and Matt has logged 133.

The formula used to calculate the ranking is as follows:


in plain English, this would be written as

=(Avg DPS x (Avg Healing halved) x Avg Threat x (number of logged events)) divided by a large constant (used to bring the numbers down to something useful, ie within the hundreds rather than billions.

You may wish to now check your position on the overall ranking by going to the Space DPS leagues table here:

which can be accessed any time from the button under the title bar of most pages.

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