Operation Wolf 359 Report


And the winner is....... @richatar#1938

Qualifying Participants in Alphabetical order with RNG draw number

1 - @bjartmar123

2 - @captaincurt78

3 - @captaincurt78

4 - @captzabjudah

5 - @Daskuma

6 - @DocJohn3

7 - @Ellarion

8 - @interal1985

9 - @jasonmains

10 - @jono11#2973

11 - @kalknight

12 - @kmaxlee83

13 - @laurasha

14 - @margotceleste

15 - @Mihajlo

16 - @misterloz

17 - @persephone51313

18 - @PK51

19 - @pralitemonk#8084

20 - @richatar#1938

21 - @shattren#8799

22 - @TheDanishDingo

23 - @TheRealMaulerReturns

A draw will be made using the standard RNG from Google at around 20:00 UTC 31st January. The winner will receive an Iktomi T6 Ship with the amazing Photonic Officer Trait.

I think most people will say they enjoyed this event. I was concerned that players wouldn't want to keep returning to the Fleet base we were using for the evening but that actually seemed to be very popular. We used the Starbase, the Research Lab, K13 and the Colony.

We played every Borg event and related missions, even including Sleepers which is for Romulan characters only although we found a way to allow other factions to take part.

One of the teams also managed to finish Into the Hive on Elite. Here you can see Alpha team ensuring the queen is really dead!

What's Next

With this event being so popular it's certain we will do it again in the future, each time will be a different theme. There is enough Borg content in STO to do three evenings without repeating any event. Other themes may require shorter events, let's see, it also depends on any new content Cryptic add in 2020.

Wolf 359 Combatant

All those who have taken part have received the Wolf 359 Combatant badge. This badge has been added to your public profile image in the crew compliment membership list on the website.

If you do not see yourself there then make sure your account profile is public. To do this, go to your profile and under your profile picture you will see "Make account public". If you are already publicly visible and don't see the badge that will be because I don't recognise your real name with your game name, just let me know.

If you haven't yet registered on our website then what are you waiting for, you gain so muich more including access to member only pages and extra MRP for becoming Official Crew.

Thanks to everyone who took part to make this such a successful and enjoyable event. Matt Johnson

Event screen shots

Fighting Borg in the Burgus System (Where Angels Fear to Tread)

Awaiting the next red alert at K13

Preparing to enter fluidic space (Fluid Dynamics)

Relaxing between missions at the Fleet Colony

Inside a Borg Cube (Assimilation)

NGC-4447 Tracking the Borg (Assimilation)

End of event party at Club 47 ESD

Paying our respects at the Wolf 359 Memorial

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