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Operation Finders Keepers

This morning we intercepted the following distress call...

"Priority One Communication.......

From: Fleet Admiral Ethan Hawk

To: SRS Command

Matt, if you are receiving this, we were set up. The Borg assault the SRS just repelled was a decoy. My fleet was well into operation 'Finders Keepers', day 4 salvage was going well when the Borg Conduits began to open every F***ing where.

My God, it's a full blown invasion.

Call everyone Matt, I mean everyone! ....*background bridge chaos

We'll buy you whatever time we can, 24hrs at best, after that we're all done for.

General distress beacons have been launched. *...... static... them into oblivion for me.

Hawk ou................* loss of transmission"


To coincide with the Borg Resurgence Event starting today on STO we are running our own event starting today at 8pm UTC.

This event will incorporate the remastered Borg events but with a twist, each time you play you must use a different character and ship. We want to recreate the idea that all members of SRS are out there fighting the Borg. At the end of this event there will be another twist, one of the characters involved in the fight will die, as in be deleted from the game forever. Don't worry, it's not one of your characters but another member of the fleet who's Captain will make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of sentient life in the galaxy.

To take part simply get involved in our MRP events from 8pm this evening, should be fun!

Thanks to Doc for organising this event.

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