* The SRS Red Alert Channel has been removed. All events will now be listed in the SRS Armada Chat Channel.

* Fleet-wide mails will only be sent via SRS Command, so in order not to miss them please ensure you have a character in SRS Command or monitor the website newsfeed or Facebook.

* We have a vacancy for chief of staff. I have two people in mind but if you think you have the right stuff then get in touch. A vacancy page will be added to the website soon.

* I get a lot of questions which can be easily answered by spending 30 seconds looking at the website, please do browse this important resource and if you spot any errors please let me know.

* Fleet-wide raffle - Coming soon we will be holding a weekly raffle to raise funds for the fleets, more information to follow.

* If you want to take part in events but are not interested in competing with MRP that's fine, you will be counted anyway but we are not interested in your performance, just your involvement. Everyone is good enough to get involved in any of the events, please don't feel left out.

* A permanent link for Discord has been added when you click on the DISCORD icon on the website.

* A shopping section is being developed for the website, here you will be able to purchase real-life STO/SRS/ST items for great prices including the renowned SRS Clothing, hopefully within the next month or two this will be ready.

* Opportunities are available for News Blogs writers for the website, as long as you are signed up you can become a writer, ask for details if you want to get involved. No programming knowledge needed, very easy to do.

* A lot of members signed up to the forum have still not made their profile public and are missing out on "Official Crew" rewards. To fix, login, go to your account, click on the "Make Profile Public"" button.


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