Year of the Borg?

Well 2020 is here and our events start again this coming Sunday 5th January. Here is the rundown of what to expect.

MRP Systems

The MRP calculation systems have been adjusted slightly for 2020. More emphasis is given to threat, healing and other non-DPS abilities in an attempt to balance the incredible DPS that EPG ships are now achieving. Don't worry, if you are an EPG pilot you'll still do very well if you're pulling hundreds of thousands of DPS but those tanks and healers among you will also be able to reap the benefits of their efforts.

Interim Rewards

The end of year rewards will still be present for 2020 but may be scaled back slightly. Instead we now have the opportunity to offer amazing interim rewards in the form of Tier 6 C-Store ship tokens. You can start earning your MRP towards these ships right now by using the SRS Exploration system which is open for MRP rewards already. These rewards will be issued to the first person to reach 20 million MRP in the period. Once achieved the next interim reward period will begin.

Check Everything

You can now check your rank, your DPS, your EXP (Exploration MRP) and your Merit packs from the wbsite header buttons. I may put all this together at some point into one screen but it's a lot of work and I need to know that it's useful to people before embarking on the coding.

Builds and Tutorials

You can expect to see many builds and tutorials this year, builds are now accepted within the SRS Exploration System and each infographic is worth up to 400,000 MRP ( points are awarded dependent on the quality of the infographic, see this one as an example). Written notes accompanying the builds are awarded the same rate as log entries of 400 MRP per word. A tutorial showing how to create infographics is coming soon.

Year of the Borg?

On Tribble right now is an announcement for remastered Borg TFOs. We have no idea when these will be released but my guess is with the 10th anniversary event. This could be a great year for Borg fans.

Badges Galore

As we do new events we are adding badges to the website for you to display proudly on your profile page. For example we recently added the Operation Wolf 359 badge and today I have added the Fleet Champion badge with the latest recipient of fleet champion being Thor (bjartmar123), well done Thor. Some of the badges may boost your MRP score in some way, e.g. Official Crew gives you 10K MRP bonus on every mission your run. There will no doubt be further badges added this coming year.

10th Anniversary

The Star Trek Online tenth anniversary is around the corner and we understand Cryptic have done something big for this event. We will try to organise our events around whatever it is they've planned.

So 2020 looks like a fun year, let's hope with the new season of Discovery, the new Picard show and possibly others it should be a great year for Star Trek fans.

Live long and prosper

C in C

Matt Johnson

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