News Update

It's been a busy few days at SRS, here's a roundup of the news.

SRS New Romulus Command - Our new fleet provided for Romulans serving within SRS is now available for invites. It's an almost finished fleet and requires very little work to bring it up to SRS Command levels.


Lottery - Prallite Monk won 50 million EC on the lottery this week, congratulations Brian!

Bear won the hidden code on the LCARS website homepage and takes home 10 master keys, thanks to the four people who bothered to enter this very easy competition.

SRS Exploration System

Doc John and Bear both shared the prize for Log of the Week for the exploration system, congratulations guys, keep exploring.

Geological and Wildlife surveys have been completed on New Romulus and you can take a look at them here: Surveys


The Surhuelh Reconnaissance Explorer Warbird continues to impress and last night parsed at over half a million DPS on the Gamma Eridon Patrol on elite difficulty, a full build of this ship will be appearing soon with a walk-through tutorial.

Gamma Eridon - 8-12-19

More follows...

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