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News Roundup - Busy October

Starting tomorrow, 2 October, we will have no less than three competitions in progress (four if we include the ongoing interim MRP prizes). Don't miss out on any of them. Here is the roundup of what's going on in October.

Special Week Long Event - Liberation

Seven days of Borg themed events starting at 19:00 UTC 2 October and meeting in the Jenolan Dyson Sphere.

Win a Borg Juggernaut T6 Starship, one of the best torpedo boats in the game.

In addition to the main prize of the Borg Juggernaut ship there are daily prizes too. Each day someone will win via a raffle, a Borg Gear Pack worth 30 million EC comprising the following items:

[Genetic Resequencer - Starship Trait: Regeneration Cycle]

[Genetic Resequencer - Ground Trait: Adaptive Offense]

[Console - Universal - Cutting Tractor Beam]

[Universal Kit Module - Collective Will Mk XII]

Finally, everyone who takes part will receive the following each day. [Borg Datacore]

[Special Equipment Pack - Borg Combat Structure Kits]

Visit our main page for this event and learn what to do and how to take part

Liberation - Web based complimentary game to the main event.

As well as 100 million EC you can now win the new Merit Pack, Elite Bonus Immunity, which will protect your elite bonus should a member of your team, or you, die in an elite event that has a bonus. This pack is worth 1000 merits! (Should you already have it you will be awarded 1000 merits.) Play liberation today, take your time, read everything carefully and enjoy the game, it took a long time to create.

Start here:

MRP Blitz

Take part in 14 MRP events over a 21 day period and you will receive 4 Master Keys.

Continue taking part and players who have run the full 21 events will be entered into a draw to win the fantastic Hur'q Nekcrid Assembly Multi-mission Science Vessel ship worth 300 Million EC. In the case of a tie, there will be a draw for the winner. If nobody reaches 21 events the ship will be held for the next competition.


Open only to SRS Fleet Members

You must take part in an official CFOPS organised event to qualify

Begins Saturday 2nd October, ends Friday 22nd October

View your progress on your personnel file:


There's never been a better time to get back into STO and join your fleet mates in SRS events, with prizes this month totalling well over a billion EC, it's our biggest prize month of the year bar the end of year prizes.

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