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The event is nearing it's conclusion and we just found out today that the events scheduled for the last day cannot be played as a team, the mission Measure of Morality is single player only, thanks Cryptic, I thought this was an MMO, but there you go, single player only. Therefore we will be running a whole load of different missions for the last day and much of it will be at the Defera Invasion Zone.

MRP Consoles

Less than a week left to get your Temporal Phasic Leech (See the MRP Consoles Page for more).

We are hereby announcing today the exciting new console for August. This is known as "Proven Combatant". Here is how it works:

Your deaths over the last 200-300 missions or so will be calculated as a divisor of how many events you ran. E.g. you ran 100 events and died 20 times the divisor is 100/20 = 5. The sheet then calculates 100th of your Average MRP and multiplies it by your divisor, so if your average MRP is 500,000 this would give 5,000 x 5 = 25,000. This is the additional MRP you can earn over and above the cap. The divisor is regulated to stop at 10, so the most you can earn is 10 times 100th of your average MRP, which for some people could be up to 60,000 MRP per event.

Proven Combatant rewards not only your ability to earn MRP but to also stay alive whilst doing it!

Proven Combatant will be available for 150 merits from August 1st until August 31st. It will also be purchaseable for EC or master keys at a new adjusted pricing which will be announced in the next couple of days.

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