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As you may know our MRP system provides some amazing prizes, with an end of year prize for the top 30 players and interim prizes throughout the year.

The latest interim prize, 2 x Intel Sci Packs with the impressive Sommerville ship were won by:

Jean-Luc Picard and Zendor

Congratulations folks.

For the next interim prize, we have our best offering yet. The winner will literally be able to choose any ship, C Store, Lockbox, Lobi or R&D ship, up to 1.5 billion EC in value (assuming their choice is available somewhere). In addition, there is a 2nd place prize of a Maquis Raider donated by @Kenobi, so many thanks for that. There may well be further prizes added to this list.

Awesome, how do I take part?

It's easy, this is just about participation, take part in any MRP event, the first person who reaches 400 events will trigger this lottery and providing you have carried out 100 events minimum you will qualify to enter. You receive a lottery ticket for each event you take part in, so if you've done 127 events when the lottery is triggered you will have 127 tickets and therefore 127 chances of winning.

What is MRP and how does it work?

The simplest explanation is in the name, MRP= Mission Replay Points. To learn all about it please go to our dedicated MRP pages here:

Most events take place from around 7pm UTC until 2am UTC however we are enrolling CFOPS (Chief of Fleet Operations Officers, responsible for organising events) all the time which extends the time periods that MRP can be earned. To see what a CFOPS does see the training video here:

Covid-19 and SRS

We are aware that Cryptic Studios personnel are mostly working from home for the time being. This will impact new content release and so our MRP system will be even more important at this time to keep players interested in the game. As far as SRS is concerned I don't see this pandemic making much difference to the running of the fleet unless I get it and get it bad. I am in a low-risk group so I don't expect to get it and if I do I expect it to be brief and not affect my gaming, however there is also the possibility I could be impacted more in which case I would probably not be able to maintain the website for a while. We do have enough CFOPS to maintain the MRP system should I be unable to continue.

Please follow your government guidelines to stay healthy, these are generally but not limited to:

Regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water

Avoid touching your face

Avoid mass gatherings

Keep at least a metre between you and the next person if you are out

Wear gloves when shopping

Do not bulk buy food and toilet paper, there's plenty for everyone, just buy as normal

If you get it please self isolate to avoid spreading it. This buys time for scientists to develop the vaccine and the antibody test kits.

Good luck everyone, stay safe, have fun.

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