MRP this week is Cruisers and Battlecruisers week with bonuses for threat and sci captains.

Updated website interface

I've spent a few hours this morning updating the website to a more 2020 feel. It is less cluttered, less garish and more modern. The Discord box and audio assistants as well as Alexa help have all been moved to a new lightbox window which you can access from the "Getting Started" button to the left side of the Dashboard. I'm really pleased with this more modern look and I hope you like it too.


Please do support our lottery, it is really useful in helping to fund fleet projects. Please don't leave it until a few minutes before the lottery is drawn because I will decide a few hours earlier if it's worth running it this week or rolling over.

If you are new to the lottery system please check out the page here:


The following pages can now only be accessed if you have logged in to the website: Personnel Files

SRS Space DPS Leagues SRS Ground DPS Leagues

My Sakari Challenge

All Crew Pages

Section 47 -SRS- (Requires additional permissions)

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