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Take us with you! We've been working on our mobile phone (cell phone) website. Most pages have been optimised now for phone. If you have difficulty reading any of the pages let us know in the comments below on this new blog. It would help if you tell us which model of phone you are using and if you are on 4G or WiFi. Lottery week 3

@Throre wins 10 master keys worth more than 50 million EC for week three of our SRS Lottery. Take a look at the previous winners on our lottery page.

Don't see your name there? Then have a go, tickets are a mere 500K EC, deposit the EC in the SRS Command bank, if you put it in any other bank it won't be seen and we can't check every bank every day. If you don't have a character in SRS Command then you can mail a master key to Matt Johnson (@tfr_maco_specialist) ingame, this is worth 10 tickets or 5 million EC.

New Patrols & 10th Anniversary SRS asked on the Star Trek Online live stream the other day if there were going to be more patrols added to the new patrol menu ingame. We were told that indeed there were going to be some added and could be before Christmas. However the entire team at Cryptic are working on the tenth anniversary events and apparently they are going to be huge! So watch this space.

Alexa Don't forget you can now use the only Star Trek Online app anywhere in the world on Alexa, created by SRS. See our dedicated Alexa Page for more information.

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