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New Quick Buttons

I get it, I get it, you're in a hurry, life moves at a blistering pace and who the hell wants to spend precious time actually reading stuff and learning? Hell no, that's why we've added Quick buttons to the website.

Some of these were available before but not used much. Now it's easier. Sorry but you're going to have to read the next little bit.

My EXP - Will allow you to check how much EXP (Exploration Points) you've earned so far

My DPS - Allows you to see your standing against the top 10 and the rest of the fleet

Join Now - You don't have to read that, it's about as obvious as it gets.

Exploration - Takes you to the Exploration page!

My Packs - Check which merit packs you have and which elite fleets you may be eligible to join.

That's all, go back to doing important stuff now.

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