New Q&A Segment

Hey all

Following on from the successful MRP Q&A from Amy and Matthew I thought it would be fun to introduce a weekly Q&A (Question and Answer) segment on the website, with either Amy and Mathew or some other NPCs.

To that end, send me one or two questions about the game that you would like answering and I'll build the animations and voice overs for the weekly segment. The NPCs will mention your name, e.g. "Bob Smith asks, is it possible to transfer console gear top the PC?" (the answer is no, by the way).

Send your questions in game mail, or on the website forum, or Facebook response. I'll build up a library over time of Q&A responses which will be super useful for new players and I dare say some long term players may learn something too.

If you've not seen the MRP Q&A then go to the MRP page on the website and watch the video on the top of the page to see how it works. Or watch it below.


Matt J

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