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New Menu Layout New Admiral Uniform State of the Game

Hey guys, the menus in the website have been tweaked a little. There is now a dedicated menu for the SRS DPS leagues and the Clothing. Don't forget that the MAIN page for each section is the root, so if you want to see the main page for builds, you click on Builds, not the stuff underneath, same for the rest of them, to see the MRP overview click on MRP, not the menu items underneath. The Bridge Menu is now called Crew Deck and contains most of the stuff that's relevant for your character in the fleet. There is likely to be a little bit more tweaking over the next few days.

Uniforms are now under Fleets, and there is a new uniform for fleet admirals. Any 1-star admiral or above may wear this uniform which is easy to get. People under Admiral as based on your SRS Rank (not game rank) should wear the standard uniform or if they are in a special fleet (see exemptions) wear the specific uniform for their fleet.

Here is the new Fleet Admiral uniform and I think it looks rather smart, but I am biased of course, anyway this is what you senior officers should now be wearing when not in combat. Go to the Uniforms page to learn more here:

Terran Special Event and State of the Game Update

Creating the web pages and organising the events and prizes for a week-long event is a huge amount of work, literally 12 hours or more at the web editor. I have been waiting until we have enough Terran content in the game to make this work and there is now enough. However, the lack of enthusiasm for just about any event in STO over the last two years, with only a handful of people showing up, usually the same 3-5 players, means that I really don't feel like it's worth the effort at the moment.

If more people start playing and taking part in events then I will be more motivated to put in the time and effort to make the Terran Event, until then I won't be adding either this event or anything else for the foreseeable future. If you guys want this fleet and this game to continue then you need to put some effort in too and show up for events, and get involved.

I see so many people logging in to run their dailies and then leave, it makes me wonder why they do this, if they are not going to play the game then why bother doing dailies for an event ship that they won't use? Perhaps it's an example of the sunk-cost fallacy, I don't know, perhaps these people are hoping for the day that Cryptic finally start investing in content and not pay-to-win gamble ships, I know I am, but I keep playing because I love the game and love you guys more, I hope things pick up soon.

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