New Intel Science Vessels

Starting today, new Science Vessels are being made available on the C-Store for Federation and Klingon characters, along with their respected allied members among the Romulan and Dominion factions! These new vessels will be available in both Non-Fleet and Fleet variants.

Special Introductory Pricing Discount! From September 24th until September 30th, you can get these ships for 2400 ZEN each when purchased individually, or a bundle with both ships, a Fleet Ship module, and 5 Master Keys for the price of 4000 ZEN! Thereafter, they will return to their normal pricing at 3000 ZEN when purchased individually, or 5000 ZEN for the Bundle Continue reading article on Star Trek Online Website


The base versions of these ships don't do anything for me, their stats are typical and whilst Cmd/Sci Intel seating is powerful it's not enough to persuade me. The fleet versions are significanlty better with a shield modifier up to 1.4. These ships will be quite nimble but I don't see them offering anything different to most sci ships in the game. We will have to wait and see if the console and trait are any good, from past experience the console will look great but have very limited effect, unless the passive is +50 EPG or something I doubt it will be used. The trait may well be better than the console and it sounds like the S'ona Isolytic Tear trait, which can be buffed with enough EPG. Finally, the appearance. The Fed ship is somewhat meh to me and the less said the better about the KDF ship, not at all pretty or exciting. Of course that's a personal opinion but from discussions with others in fleet chat it seems it is an opinion shared by more than two of us!

Overall 5/10

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