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New Event - Sniper Assault

Sniper Assault is a new event for SRS in Star Trek Online. The first map we are using is Kobali Prime. This is how it works.

Required: Any Sniper Rifle

We will team up and meet at a specific place on Kobali Prime, the first identified area is known as Sniper Island as it has great target opportunities over 360 degrees.

The event will last 30 minutes from the start of the logging. The rules are simple, kill as many Vaadwaur with your sniper shot as possible. No other damage will be counted, only kills by sniper shots.

At the end of the event, the combatlog is stopped and all the data computed. The only difference is that DPS is replaced with the number of Sniper Kills you made.

This is Sniper Island on Kobali Prime (the area ringed in yellow).


Use a TR116 for best results, the Platinum Sniper Rifle is also very good.

There are some traits that can boost your damage to ensure one-shot kills.

Only use your kit modules that boost your sniper shot. Using something like Agony field generator will wipe out all targets in the area and leave nothing for you or anyone else to shoot. There will be two scores shown in the game chat, the normal MRP score and a score showing how many kills you got.

E.g. Sniper Assault Kills - Matt-20, Countess Orlok-50, K3PL3R-34, Kling'hadar-15, Boltazor-62

This event is available now and will be run this evening. If successful further maps will be used.

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