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Hey everyone, Matt here, and I'd just like to let you know that we have a new CFOPS (Chief of Fleet Operations) officer. Mike (@enarien#4197) has completed his training as a CFOPS and will be available to run events from today. Mike lives in Australia and so this opens up a new time zone for events. He is generally online early evening UK time and sometimes he may be available in the Australian evening time. So if you are looking to take part more and you are closer to Mike's timezone this may be the opportunity.

New Baseball Cap

A smart new baseball cap is being added to the range. This cap is a Beechfield cotton cap of super high quality. The badge is embroidered on with almost 5000 stitches. I have ordered just 5 of these caps and they will be priced at £20 plus postage. If you want to preorder please contact me in the normal way. Once they arrive I will add them to the merch shop.

Preview of cap should look like

Stitches Proof

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