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New Build League Added

A new type of build has been added to the SRS DPS Leagues. This build is SciTorp.

A SciTorp is a ship that is science-based, may or may not have a secondary deflector and specialises in torpedo damage to compliment its EPG abilities. It typically won't be as powerful as a full EPG build but in some TFOs like ISE it may perform better than an EPG.

SciTorp is very different to Kinetic Torp which almost totally utilises torpedos and mines to cause the maximum damage. The old Torp build has been renamed to Kinetic Torpedo build to make it clear the build type you are looking at.

Builds are defined by the major damage dealer in their combat parse as follows:

Kinetic Torp - After pets, the main damage should be either torpedos or mines

SciTorp - After EPG and Pets the main damage should be torpedos or mines

FAW - After pets, the main damage should be Fire at Will

BO - After pets, the main damage should be Beam Overload

CSV - After pets, the main damage should be Cannon Scatter Volley

CRF - After pets, the main damage should be Cannon Rapid Fire

Carrier/Sci Carrier - Must have 2 hangars and after EPG abilities the main damage dealer should be Pets. None Sci Carriers can classify as Carrier or whatever their main damage dealer is based on the descriptions in this list.

EPG - All main damage abilities including pets are science-based

Drain - Must have a minimum of 500 drain and then most damage done via science abilities

Mix - Roughly equal damage from FAW, CSV and Torps/mines, must use torps, CSV and FAW or BO

CFOPS - The SciTorp build has been added to the list of builds you can select in the calculator sheet.

The above has added 1500 points available in the overall DPS league.

If you wish to build a SciTorp build and are unsure about how to do it, please speak to Matt Doody or Matt Johnson

NOTE: Simply adding a BO to an EPG ship will not count as a BO build, SciTorps are very specific builds that utilise many EPG abilities to boost projectile weapon chance. Your BO build in this case will be counted as an EPG build. If unsure please ask before attempting to make something new.

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