New BlOCS Uniforms

Today we are proud to announce two new uniforms being deployed to the SRS Armada. Due to recent innovations in polymer and nanofiber production we are hoping to phase out the ageing Blocs 1 Uniform.

Our brand-new Blocs 1 Hazard Team Uniform is designed for medium-risk away missions where a full assault armour is not necessary. It has 20% increased textile strength reducing wear and tear while providing additional protection compared to the old Blocs 1 Uniform. The Hazard Team Uniform also comes with a brand-new ballistic vest giving the wearer much needed protection against physical and kinetic attacks. The Uniform also has an added Battle Belt Carry System allowing the wearer to carry additional Hyposprays, Energy Cells and Photon Grenades. We believe our new Hazard Team Uniform combined with our state-of-the-art Personal Shield Generators providing excellent protection against all energy-type attacks will give our brave men and women of the SRS Armada the best option for away team mission wear.

Our Second uniform is the Spec Ops Blocs 1 Tactical. Exclusive to our Special Operations members this sleek new uniform is visually identical to our Hazard Team Uniform with the noticeably exception of its colour. This new uniform comes in the colour Payne’s Grey staying true to Spec Ops’ iconic look.

Head of R&D Division

Rear Admiral Torvald Sivertsen

Reviewed and Accepted by Commander in Chief

Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson

Chief of Staff

Admiral John Fracentese

Admiral Niels Weymeis

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