New addition to DPS League - Overall Ranking

Hello all and some exciting news from the DPS leagues. We have figured out a way to give everyone an overall ranking, this is based on the following:




Number of events

The calculations are as follows:

=if(vlookup(AI1,AD:AH,5,false)>100,100,vlookup(AI1,AD:AH,5,false)) This looks up the number of events for a particular player, if it's more than 100 it fixes the value at 100. This is because some of us have done many hundreds of runs and this will skew the data in their favour. 100 events were seen as a reasonable number of events that most people can reach in a year or far less.


This simply multiplies the DPS x Threat% x Healing x number of events (max 100) and divides by a constant to bring the number down to something reasonable.

So in a nutshell, the ranking is based on your ability to do damage and to support the team by taking the threat and the healing, and by consistently doing so (hence the number of events).

The higher your rank the better you are doing.

This is live now and you can check your rank by looking at the list or by selecting your name.

Check it out here:

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