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MRP Vacation

This week there are no officially logged MRP events, so in effect, we are on vacation. Feel free to team up and carry out events of course, and no doubt CFOPS officers will be running a few events, but none will count towards the total. Events will resume on Saturday 15th at 17:00 UTC, the week-long event will be announced next week. Klingon Week

The Klingon week was poorly attended, even by some of those who had asked for it! It's important to remember that KDF and FED can team on TFOs, it's only team maps like patrols where they can't. The Risa summer event also pulled away some players from the Klingon event. A tip for the future. There is reorganisation ahead in the KDF armada, Loz and Doc are making some changes, one of which will be the introduction of a KDF Section 47 equivalent in the future. In addition, Star Trek Online has big plans for the KDF side for this year, now is a good time to roll a KDF aligned character. If you already have an old one maybe now's the time to bring him or her up to speed like I am doing with mine. Take a look at First City since the revamp, it's very nice indeed and much more is to follow. Happy Holidays folks Matt J

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